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  • Our Facility

    Our ice production begins here. Our ice machines can produce up to 22 tons/day each, handling demand of the greater Southwest Missouri/Northwest Arkansas Ozarks area. The ice is frozen in tubes, keeping air and solid contaminates out and our ice clean and clear. During harvest, the tubes are cut into ice cubes and dropped into a collection bin.

    The ice then gets packaged using a volumetric bagger, keeping the weight of each unit consistent. Ice is collected and parcelled out for the correct volume in rotating cylinders. The ice falls into the bag, through a hopper. Then, the machine operator moves the bag through the bag closer. The chief advantage of this method is keeping human hands away from the ice itself, with no utensils, ensuring a safe, clean product. Remember: ice IS FOOD!!

    Our blocks of ice are made using specially formed containers filled to a certain level with pure Ozark water. These containers are then stored for roughly 12 hours in tanks to freeze the water into cold hard ice blocks. The containers then have warm water run over them, melting the blocks just enought for them to drop out of the containers. The block is then packaged. This production method ensures that the block is a 100% solid piece.